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Valvrave III Hikaminari


Valvrave III Hikaminari


Do you like vampires, space, or giant robots? Well how about all three?? Go watch Valvrave! Then, once you realize how awesome the robot designs are, check out the line of kits! III Hikaminari is coming out following the release of Valvrave I Hito! This is a highly detailed and fully articulated snap-fit kit, molded in multiple colors with stickers for decoration.

  • From "Valvrave the Liberator", the third Valvrave, being heavily-armored, appears.
  • Can stand upright by itself even when it is equipped with the gigantic arm strong cannon.
  • An exclusive stand and a joint are included to hold it tightly and make powerful poses.
  • Includes effect parts to recreate the scene of energy hardening.
  • runner x14, foil sticker x1, instruction manual x1

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