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SX-25 Cutlass


SX-25 Cutlass


  • appeared in the new equipment!
  • By the color change ring tones and gray × red wine, and renew the aircraft image.
  • As a dedicated equipment, short rifle [IR-P13], [Berirudaga] is included in the new shape.
  • Other to be held in the hand, Berirudaga is also possible to install to toe. In addition, by combining two groups, it works as a special shield [Defense rotor].
  • Ankle joint re-designed, ground resistance is greatly improved.
  • Dagger and face portion is made of clear parts.
  • Use the [frame architect TYPE001] the body, it can exchange each site and other aircraft on sale. You can also enjoy a bold leg hip parts of the new design is more, comes further action poses.
  • Hand parts can hold firmly to each weapon.

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