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1/60 Unicorn Gundam (PG)


1/60 Unicorn Gundam (PG)


  • It is a full reproduction of Destroy Mode to the "transformation from Unicorn mode. `Blade antenna that opens and closes at the moving makeover` is, beautifully expresses the one horned unicorn mode to insert a magnet. The inner surface of the antenna which is exposed to the Destroy mode painted in gold.
  •  Without compromising the appearance of the impression, to pursue extreme range of motion of the elbow, knee
  • Erma ment unit of the knee around link movable form for each mode
  • Various marking adopted transparent thin film seal (Tetron seal)
  • Psycho frame UV emission by incorporating a dedicated LED unit (sold separately)
  • Accessories: Shield, beam magnum, beam Magnum for spare magazine, beam Gatling gun × 2, saber × 4 (beam parts × 2), hyper-Basuka, dedicated display base

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