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1/12 Kylo Ren (Bandai ver)


1/12 Kylo Ren (Bandai ver)



New arrival from Japan!! (Latest April model)

Kylo ren, new characters introduced in 2015 popular film, Star Wars Force Awaken.
Though trained by his uncle Luke Skywalker as a Jedi, he has been seduced to the dark side of the Force, and aspires to be as powerful as his grandfather, Darth Vader. Kylo Ren is the master of the Knights of Ren, and a commander for the First Order, an organization spawned from the fallen Galactic Empire.

Kits included the weapon and stand!
-The base is connectable with Captain Phasma and First Order Storm Trooper!
- Bottom cloth made by rubber material. Looks real!!!

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