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1/100 Unicorn Gundam HD Color +MS CAGE (MG)


1/100 Unicorn Gundam HD Color +MS CAGE (MG)


- Released with special packaging reflecting the OVA, the MS has been modified from the original Ver.Ka to fit the OVA version of the Gundam Unicorn!
- Recolored in a custom, HD color scheme!
- Anime-accurate vulcan cannons added to the head of the Unicorn.
- Thanks to replacement hip parts, the Unicorn can twist at the the waist a full 360 degrees for increased posing ability, increasing the range of movement by 150%.
- Complete recreation of the custom Unicorn Gundam MS cage.
- Extra parts can be stored in the cage, along with Beam Saber behind the base.
- Use with the custom cage action base 1 for a still-motion display!
- Also includes additional stabilized antennae for Destroy mode, as well as an open and shut version.
- Comes with 1/100 scale figures of Audrey, Banagher, Cardeas, and Marida.

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